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Product Product # Description Nickel Plated Quantity
Diameter - 3mm
3 x 130HP-HA200381300AAFlat 2x3.8mm, Ni-Plated Yes
3 x 150HP-HA03DI15000AAGroove Wick, Ni-PlatedYes
3 x 178HP-HA03DI17800AAGroove Wick, Ni-PlatedYes
3 x 200HP-HA03DI20000AAGroove Wick, Ni-PlatedYes
3 x 247HP-HA200382470AAFlat 2 X 3.8mm, Ni-PlatedYes
3 x 270HP-HA200382700AAFlat 2 X 3.8MM, Ni-PlatedYes
Diameter - 4mm
4 x 140HP-HA04DI14000AAGroove Wick, Ni-PlatedYes
4 x 150HP-HA04DI15000AAGroove Wick, Ni-PlatedYes
4 x 175HP-HA04DI17500AAGroove Wick, Ni-PlatedYes
4 x 180HP-HA04DI18000AAGroove Wick, Ni-PlatedYes
Diameter - 5mm
5 x 135HP-HA05DI13500BAGroove Wick, CopperNo
5 x 180HP-HC05DI18000BAMesh Wick, CopperNo
5 x 180HP-HA05DI18000BAGroove Wick, CopperNo
5 x 190HP-HC05DI19000BAMesh Wick, Copper No
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