Fin Manufacturing Process

The fin manufacturing processes employed by the electronics thermal management companies in the old day were extruded and die casting. But since the 1990's, the mobile microelectronic devices have taken center stage; the heat sinks were miniaturized as well as forced convection with miniature fan were commonly designed in and deployed. The fins of such heat sinks no longer can be manufactured by the two conventional processes; therefore more than a half dozen of alternative processes were developed to meet the challenge, and they are:

  • Stacked fin method
  • Gang saw cut method
  • Bonded fin method
  • Skiving fin method
  • Stamped fin method
  • Forged fin method
  • Folded fin method

The fin aspect ratio from any of the alternative fin manufacturing processes can be from 25:1 up to 50:1, where the conventional extruded or die casting method only can do up to 10:1. Today most of heat sinks and fins are made by the alternative methods for cooling the mobile microelectronics.

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