Pipe Thru Fins (PTF)

Enertron Pipe Thru Fins (PTF)


  • High performance
  • Complete thermal module
  • Low weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cost effective


  • Power supply
  • Servers
  • Military devices

The PTF assembly is a complete thermal solution designed for cooling single or multiple heat sources. PTF has the function of Thermal Path and adds fins onto the end of the heat pipe which enables PTF to transport heat from the heat source(s) and dissipate it to the ambient via fins. Enertron’s PTF assembly provides a one-piece solution for your thermal management problem where there is insufficient space for mounting the heat sink directly on. Enertron PTF is light weight, compact, thermal and cost effective.

A typical PTF assembly consists of

  • Heat pipe – for transporting heat from the heat source to the fins
  • Adaptor block – for thermally and mechanically connecting the heat source to the heat pipe
  • Fins – Thermally and mechanically attached to the heat pipe for dissipating the heat transported from the heat source via heat pipe to the ambient by either free or force convection.
  • Additional mounting mechanism – Typically a smaller size PTF can be mounted and secured directly on to the heat source, but a larger or a longer PTF may required an additional mounting mechanism at the fins end.

The fabrication of the PTF usually involves

  • Forming heat pipe to the print such as bending or flattening
  • The adaptor blocks are machined or extruded with groves where heat pipes are soldered, epoxy bonded or mechanically clamped into the groves. If the block material is aluminum, nickel plating is needed prior to the soldering process.
  • Fins are stamped first, then progressively press fit on to the straight section of the heat pipes with a constant pitch maintained. The press fit method is sufficient to sustain the normal vibration and shock in most of applications. However, in a situation of extreme vibration and shocks, secondary soldering process can be added for metallurgically bonding the fins to the heat pipes. If the fins material is aluminum, nickel plating is needed prior to soldering process. Contact Enertron’s thermal engineers for PTF design or manufacturing assistance.
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