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Enertron - The Total Thermal Solutions Provider

Enertron Inc. provides customers with complete thermal management solutions. The company’s services include conceptual and detailed thermal design and engineering, heat sink and/or thermal solution prototyping, production manufacturing, thermal testing and consulting.

Testing Services

Enertron offers thermal and heat sink testing services for our customers. This is particularly useful to companies that lack in-house capabilities for thermal testing or would like to utilize the expertise of Enertron to perform complicated component or system level thermal testing. It may also be useful to companies who wish to present or publish 3rd party test results from an unbiased source. Through our two state of the art thermal testing labs, Enertron is able to offer an extensive set of thermal and heat sink testing capabilities to meet the requirements of our customers.

Thermal Design

Enertron offers professional thermal design services to solve everyday thermal management problems. Our engineers are highly trained in the field of thermal management, heat sink design, heat pipe and TEC implementation, liquid cooling, conduction cooling, etc. and work with each customer individually to determine the goals and constraints of a thermal design, to come up with an optimal thermal solution for each given application. Enertron’s expertise and 30+ years experience in the field of Thermal Physics enable us to deliver the most effective thermal solutions to meet our customer’s goals.

Heat Sink Prototyping

Once a thermal solution has been designed, whether by Enertron or by the customer, it is often necessary to build a prototype and test it. At this stage, three factors are most important. First, the prototype performance must be indicative of the final production design. Second, the prototype must be produced quickly and efficiently. And finally, it must be produced inexpensively. Enertron’s quality prototyping services ensures that all three objectives are met while following ISO 9001 standards.

Production Manufacturing

Enertron utilizes a broad range of manufacturing processes from traditional manufacturing techniques, such as extrusion and machining, to proprietary techniques, such as heat pipe assembling and Pipe-Thru-Fin implementation, to manufacture thermal solutions. Enertron manufactures solutions designed in-house, as well as solutions designed by our customers.

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