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Besides thermal design and testing services, Enertron offers Heat pipe assembly prototyping services to our customers. Once a design for a heat sink or an overall thermal solution has been completed, it is often necessary to build a prototype to test the unit. Enertron builds prototypes for designs developed by our engineers as well as customer’s original designs.

Prototyping is a very important stage for thermal units in the product development process and is most often the determining stage for production. For this reason, Enertron recognizes three important factors for heat pipe assembly prototyping:

  • Prototype performance must be indicative of final product design
  • Prototype must be produced quickly
  • Prototype must be cost effective

Prototype Performance Needs to Be Indicative of Final Product Design


The primary purpose of building prototypes is to test the performance. Oftentimes, the production manufacturing techniques will differ from the prototype manufacturing techniques. For example, a machined Aluminum 6061 heat sink will perform better than a cold forged Aluminum A356 heat sink of exactly the same dimensions, due to differing thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloys. Because of this, it is important to understand any differences between the prototype and production, and either modify the prototyping method or account for the discrepancy. Otherwise, the heat sink

prototype may have sufficient performance, and the production parts may fail. Enertron engineers have excellent understanding of the discrepancies that may arise in the performance of a prototype and production heat sinks and take this into consideration during the heat sink design stage.

Prototype Needs to Be Produced Quickly

The prototyping stage is notoriously short and hectic. The design stage often runs long, which reduces the available time for prototyping. Long lead time parts are ordered prior to design finalization, forcing on-the-fly fixes. The entire product can be delayed due to a supplier’s inability to deliver as promised. Enertron understands the importance of heat sink prototyping. It is for this reason that our staff is devoted to meeting our commitments and supporting our customer’s accelerated prototype development. Our typical heat pipe assembly prototyping lead time is 2-4 weeks. However, it can be shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the heat pipe assembly design.

Prototype Must Be Cost Effective

Enertron views heat pipe assembly prototype development as a service to our customers. Enertron’s goal is to provide high quality heat pipe and heat sink parts that are cost effective. It is our experience that, by providing this service and exceeding our customer’s expectations, we can form a solid relationship that is continued into heat pipe assembly production.

For more information regarding our heat pipe assembly prototyping services, please click below or call one of our engineers at 1-877-ENERTRON (1-877-363-7876).

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