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Thermal Design

Not all thermal problems can be solved with an off-the-shelf or catalog heat sink. Often, space or airflow restrictions necessitate a customized heat sink or heat pipe as a total thermal solution. Enertron engineers work directly with our customers to fully understand the application and determine the associated goals and restrictions for each thermal design. We then conceptualize a thermal design that is capable of meeting both the thermal performance requirements, as well as any secondary considerations such as manufacturability, cost, reliability etc. At design stage, our engineers add solid form to the concept using either Pro/Engineer® or SolidWorks®, depending on the customer’s preference. The result is a producible, optimal and cost effective thermal design that is tailored for the specific application.


Understand the Problem – The first step during thermal design process is to define the problem. Enertron and the customer work together to clearly define the goal(s), limitations and thermal requirements for the design. Once understood, Enertron can begin the process of solving the problem.

Conceptual Design and Analysis – Based on the problem definition, Enertron will conceptualize one or several possible thermal solutions. Through collaboration with the customer, Enertron will determine the best heat sink/ heat pipe design through theoretical calculations and possibly comparative experimentation. The result is a fully defined conceptual thermal solution.

When required, Enertron engineers use the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software package to simulate the thermal design. It is particularly useful in determining the airflow circulation within a system, and for gaining a greater understanding in complicated areas of a system.

Detailed Design – From the approved conceptual design, Enertron engineers will apply form to the function. Secondary considerations such as installation, maintenance, and shipping, are addressed to ensure the entire thermal design can be implemented. Enertron engineers will design the thermal solution to retain the performance conceived in the conceptual design but also ensure that it is practical to manufacture using common cost effective manufacturing techniques.

Expertise of Staff

Our engineers are highly educated and extensively trained in thermal science, heat sink design, heat pipe implementation etc. giving us expert insight into customer’s thermal management problems. Enertron engineers are experienced using state of the art design and analysis tools to develop thermal and heat sink solutions. We are pioneers in developing and utilizing the technologies that lead today’s thermal management industry and heat sink design. Customer service, and world-class quality is our number one priority.

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