Heat Sinks and Thermal Solutions for Medical Industry Applications

Heat Sinks and Thermal Solutions for Medical Industry Applications

Thermal and heat sink applications in the medical field are among the most varied in microelectronics. The medical field is on the cutting edge of technology, and brings about some of the most exciting and useful products we encounter. Thermal and heat sink applications include temperature control of sensors, laser cooling, various imaging applications, and thermal cycling. Heat Sinks and Thermal Solutions for Medical Equipment Systems that are used in hospitals and surgery rooms can pose interesting challenges to heat sink design.


Use of heat sink materials can be restricted due to contamination and grounding issues. Furthermore, requirements for sterility can require sealed systems, which could prevent the use of fans restricting the airflow for the heat sink solutions.

Many medical heat sink and thermal applications require temperature control. Applications include sensors for imaging or diagnostics, fluid samples during process control, and system temperature control for laser systems. Thermal cycling is also required in some of the cutting edge medical applications such as DNA analysis.

Enertron engineers have experience in designing thermal and heat sink solution for vast variety of medical industry applications. Our engineers can assist you with all aspect of thermal management for such applications from initial concept to heat sink and thermal solution implementation. Please contact one of our engineers for assistance.

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