Heat Sinks and Thermal Solutions for Military/Aerospace Industry Applications

Heat Sinks and Thermal Solutions for Military/Aerospace Industry Applications

ENERTRON HEAT PIPE APPLICATIONS FOR MILITARY AND AEROSPACE INDUSTRY SERVER ROOMSMilitary heat sink and thermal applications can encounter some of the most challenging environmental conditions for microelectronics systems. The systems must be designed to withstand extreme high and low temperatures, all varieties of environmental conditions such as water, snow, dirt, and sand, extreme vibration and shock, as well as severe temperature fluctuations, and a host of other unknowns creating a challenge for heat sink design. At times, fans are not allowed to provide forced airflow to the heat sink due to the likelihood of failure, requiring a natural convection heat sink solution. Other requirements may include thermal masking, in which the thermal profile is hidden to avoid detection through thermal imaging. All of the above pose interesting and challenging requirements for the heat sink and thermal design.

ENERTRON-HEAT-PIPE-APPLICATIONS-FOR-MILITARY-AND-AEROSPACE-INDUSTRYAerospace applications add additional challenges to heat sink and thermal design such as extreme G-forces, space limitations and no gravity conditions. Aerospace as well as other military applications often requireconduction cooling solutions for the heat dissipation. Because the requirements are so stringent, thermal problems can dominate the prominent design issues for the military and aerospace industry. Custom thermal solutions and heat sinks are often necessary to provide the required functionality.

Thermal solutions for military and aerospace industryFor over a decade Enertron has designed and manufactured thermal solutions for military and aerospace industry. Enertron engineers are highly experienced in designing heat sink solutions for such applications. We can assist you with any thermal management issue you may be experiencing.


For more information on how we can assist you with your application please contact one of our engineers.

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