Heat Sinks and Thermal Solutions for Telecommunications and Fiber Optics Industry Applications

Heat Sinks and Thermal Solutions for Telecom and Fiber Optics Industry Applications

In telecom environments, there are many conditions that combine to present complicated thermal conditions providing challenging heat sink design requirements. High power processors and components are present on high power density boards. Boards are often rack mounted which adds both a large power density to the chassis, as well as limits the space for thermal solutions and heat sink integration. Airflow delivered to heat sinks can either be forced by including fan tray or system airflow, or can utilize free convection.

Telecom applications are deployed in a variety of challenging thermal and heat sink design environments. Racks are deployed in telecom/computer equipment rooms, which may encounter excessive temperatures in case of room cooling failures. In case of inadequate heat sink, this can cause entire system failure.

Enertron Heat Pipe Application for Telecommunications & Fiber Optics Industry

Systems are also deployed in both commercial and private locations, which will encounter a large variation in environmental conditions possibly making heat sink design even more demanding. The outdoor deployed systems must be able to function in all weather and environmental conditions. Therefore, the heat sink solution must be design to work in both freezing as well as high temperature conditions.

Fiber optic applications often encounter similar thermal conditions, but often may prove to be even more difficult for heat sink implementation. This is because many fiber optic laser diodes require operating temperature to be maintained at a lower set point, often close to or below the ambient temperature resulting in a need for active cooling. Hence, the use of thermoelectric coolers is quite common in an overall thermal solution for such applications. Thermoelectric coolers provide a reliable method of cooling a heat source to a temperature below the ambient temperature, but also add an additional challenge for heat removal and dissipation by means of a heat sink.

Enertron engineers are aware of thermal and heat sink design and integration challenges facing all aspects of telecom and fiber optics applications. Our engineers have extensive experience designing solutions for such applications and can assist our customers with all aspect of thermal design and heat sink integration for these applications.

Please contact one of our engineers so that we can assist you with your application.

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