Industries Served for Thermal Solutions and Heat Sink Integration

Enertron Industries

As a leading thermal management company, Enertron has successfully designed thermal and heat sink solutions for a wide range of microelectronics industries.

Each industry poses unique challenges in the field of thermal management and heat sink design and integration. For example, heat sink weight and size are often critical in laptop computer applications, yet this concern is not as vital in the industrial electronics applications.

Furthermore, some industries such as Military and Aerospace, must comply with well-established standards for heat sink manufacturing and heat sink integration. Enertron engineers are aware of these requirements and our heat sink solutions are designed to comply with them.

Our service to multiple microelectronic industries gives Enertron a distinct advantage over competition. Enertron engineers are able to apply the techniques that are commonplace in one industry, to the difficult applications in another when designing an optimal heat sink solution for a particular application.

A good example is the use of heat pipes in an overall thermal, heat sink solution. Heat pipes have been a common component of a heat sink solution in virtually every notebook PC since 1996, yet telecom applications are just now awakening to the advantages and cost-effectiveness of heat pipe integrated heat sink solutions.

Enertron’s experience in providing thermal management solutions and heat sinks for various industries provides our customers with experienced and knowledgeable engineering team dedicated to solving their thermal management problems and assisting them in heat sink selection, design, manufacturing and integration.

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