Slim Cold Plate

Enertron Slim Cold Plate


  • Thin Profile Electronics
  • Low Power Notebook PCs
  • Ultra Slim Portable Devices
  • Mobile Electronics

A line of Slim Cold Plate can be custom designed by Enertron’s engineers to reliably and effectively cool thin profile electronics. Originally for Pentium notebook PCs, the heat pipe embedded slim cold plates are designed to be lightweight and silent cooling solutions. They are designed to work in natural convection and radiation environments. The heat pipe slim cold plate is an ideal solution for slim electronics and PCB modules.

A typical Slim Cold Plate configuration consists of an aluminum thin plate and a heat pipe(s). The heat pipe(s) can be mounted or embedded into the aluminum plate to evenly spread the heat across the plate. The heat pipe(s) adds a highly efficient thermal path out of the heat source(s) resulting in uniform temperature distribution across the plate.

Enertron’s Slim Cold Plates can also be designed to form the outer case of the electronics housing. Internal embedded heat pipes can be routed to spread the heat evenly across the case.

Since it is lightweight and requires no moving parts, the slim cold plate is a highly reliable in withstanding vibration environments. It is also a passive thermal solution with a virtually unlimited operational life. The overall thickness of the slim cold plate is typically less than 5 mm, and usually is made of sheet aluminum of 1mm thick. The heat pipe slim cold plate fits very well into thin profile electronics, spreading heat within the limited, thin space available in today’s designs.

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