Thermal Management Library and Engineering Resources

Thermal Management Library

Enertron has provided the Thermal Management Library as an engineering resource to our customers. Our library has three sections:

In the Thermal Design Guidelines section, learn about heat pipe and read about things to consider when designing with heat pipes, thermoelectric coolers and heat sink selection. The Research Papers section includes several research papers published by Enertron regarding heat sink design, performance of heat pipes and heat sink optimization. These sections provide insight into our past heat sink solutions, heat pipe implementations, TEC integrations, high aspect ratio heat sinks, cold forged heat sinks, and many others. Enertron also tested heat pipes and published test reports. These heat pipes were tested under various parameters including orientations of +90o, +60o, +30(gravity assist), 0o (horizontal), -30o, -60o, -90(against gravity). Temperatures were measured in the evaporator and condenser.  Using the temperature data & given heat loads, the corresponding thermal conductivity, K can be calculated if the heat pipe is considered as a solid rod. The K can also be used in model heat pipe in the thermal modeling software; CFD or finite element. From the test reports we can see that the pipe’s adiabatic length and orientation affect the heat pipe performance the most.


Enertron’s FAQ section answers the most frequently asked questions from engineers or scientists. Visit this FAQ page and find answers to your question! If you are not getting answers, please feel free to call 1-877-363-7876. Our engineers are standing by to assist you.

Enertron Glossary

Visit Enertron’s Glossary for a brief explanation of the various industry specific terminology used on our website.

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