Thermal Path

Enertron Thermal Path


  • Save space
  • Flexible custom design
  • High performance
  • Low weight


  • Single Board Computers (SBC)
  • Electronics
  • Scientific and medical instruments
  • High heat load electronics with limited space

In situations when a heat source and a heat sink need to be placed apart due to limited space around the heat source, Thermal Path is the solution to route the heat through confined spaces. Enertron is capable of designing and manufacturing various types of Thermal Path’s to fit customer’s system and solve customer’s space issues.

Composed of custom shaped heat pipes and adaptor heat blocks, Enertron’s custom Thermal Path can solve both space and heat problems. The heat pipes can be bended or flattened to desired geometries and routed around customer’s system. The both ends of the heat pipe typically are thermally connected to an adaptor block. One end will be attached to the heat source with a suitable thermal interface material in-between, the other end will be attached to an existing heat sinks or the metal enclosure. The adaptor blocks can also be shaped to fit into the space. Typically the adaptor blocks are machined or extruded with groves where heat pipes are soldered, epoxy bonded or mechanically clamped into the groves. If the block material is aluminum, nickel plating is needed prior to the soldering process.

Thermal Path can be used in all kinds of system that require heat to be transported from the heat source to a remote heat sink. Each Thermal Path is tailored to the particular application for ensuring that the routing, heat transporting capacity, weight, and size are effectively and optimally designed which meets the customer’s specifications. Contact Enertron’s thermal engineers for design assistance.

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